All In One Solvent Injection Technology 

from Lab to Patient with Low Cost Single Use and Sterilizable Consumables 

Small to High Throughput

  • All Inclusive Scalable Lab Solution 
  • Rapid Experimentation
  • Contamination Free
  • Robust and Repeatable Results

Fully Automated 

  • Automation-Enabled 
  • Precise, Repeatable and Consistent
  • Low Consumable Cost and Maintenance 
  • Qualification, and Process Validations

Software Platform Integrated

  • Software Platform 
  • Platform that Grows with Your Need & Requirements
  • Fully Customizable and Tailored to Your Needs

Demonstration Maintenance Services

  • Qualifications and Process Validations
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee 
  • On-site Installation, Training, and