Solvent Injection Microfluidics

World's Most Reliable Nanomedicine Manufacturing Platform:

  1. Single Platform-Technology for All-Stages from Academic Laboratory to Pharmaceutical Manufactuting
  2. Fully Automated and Tunable
  3. Single Use and Reusable Sterilizable Consumables
  4. Lowest Cost Guaranteed in Short and Long Term
  5. Significant Competitive Advantages In the Market such as higher range of operation, scalability capabilities,
  6. Requires no licensing and royalty agreement to use NanoJET products in lab and for commercial applications.

About NanoJET Turbulent Nanoparticle Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Platform

NanoJET's comprehensive approach from laboratory to patient, compatibility with both single-use and sterilizable consumables, compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), and fully integrated software-hardware-support infrastructure make it a desirable choice for pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. Additionally, the absence of licensing or royalty requirements, coupled with continuous technological advancements utilizing AI/ML for improved precision and process efficiency, further enhances its appeal and efficiency in the market.

NanoJET nanomedicine manufacturing technology represents a paradigm shift in the field, offering a comprehensive solution from laboratory research to large-scale pharmaceutical production. Its innovative features ensure both effectiveness and efficiency throughout the manufacturing process. By providing a single platform technology, NanoJET streamlines operations, eliminating the need for multiple systems and reducing complexity. This simplification, coupled with its fully automated and tunable nature, ensures precision and reliability while allowing for customization to meet specific requirements. Moreover, NanoJET's versatile consumables, available in both single-use and sterilizable formats, offer flexibility without compromising on sterility standards. With a commitment to cost-effectiveness, NanoJET guarantees the lowest costs in the short and long term, making it an economically viable choice for pharmaceutical companies of all sizes.

What sets NanoJET apart is not just its functionality but also its desirability in the market. Its compatibility with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards ensures quality and regulatory compliance at every stage, from laboratory research to commercial production. Moreover, the absence of licensing or royalty requirements underscores NanoJET's commitment to providing accessible technology to its users. This, combined with its fully integrated software-hardware-support infrastructure, promises a seamless experience for manufacturers, with continuous updates and advancements ensuring that NanoJET remains at the forefront of nanomedicine manufacturing. As the industry evolves, NanoJET's utilization of cutting-edge capabilities such as AI/ML further enhances its efficiency, minimizing human error and maximizing productivity. With NanoJET, manufacturers can confidently navigate the complexities of pharmaceutical development, knowing they have a reliable and cost-effective solution at their disposal.

  • Laboratory to Patient with Single Platform
  • Compatible and Offered with Both Single-Use and Sterilizable Consumables that Creates Major Long Term Values for Clients in Quality and Efficiency at a Significant Lower Cost
  • Bench Time GMP Ready to Utilize at Every Step and All Scales of Pharmaceutical Development and Manufacturing,
  • GMP Complied from academic and government Labs to small to Large Pharmaceutical at Significant Lower Cost in the Market
  • We Require No Licensing, or Royalty, When You Buy an Equipment from APURUN, It Is Yours and We Are Here for All Your Needs (Qualifications, Consumables, Customization)
  • Fully Integrated Software-Hardware-Support Platform-Technology Infrastructure that Continuously Grows with You with the Latest Cutting Edge Capabilities (Utilizing AI/ML to this Continuous Technology for Improved Precision and Human-Error-Free Process, and Analytics)