Lipid & Liposome Extruders

  1. Fully Automated and Customizable Extruder Systems for Preparation and Sizing of Lipid, Liposomes, and Polymersomes
  2. Tunable to Your Needs:
  • Controlled Flow Rate and Speeds of Extrusion
  • Controlled Pore Size via Pre-assembled Cartridges
  • Controlled Number of Pass
  • Analytical Capabilies by Correlation of Extrusion Pressure, Size, and Composition for Optimization
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NanoJET Lipid & Liposome Extruders

The NanoJET Lipid and Liposome Extruders stand at the forefront of lipid nanoparticle production technology, offering a revolutionary solution for researchers and industries alike. Engineered with cutting-edge automation and customizable features, NanoJET extruders redefine the standards of efficiency and precision in lipid and liposome extrusion. With a design that eliminates the need for assembly, cleaning, and minimizes the risk of contamination, NanoJET extruders provide a seamless and reliable platform for the preparation and sizing of lipids, liposomes, and polymersomes. From controlled flow rates and speeds of extrusion to tunable pore sizes via pre-assembled cartridges, these extruders empower users with unparalleled control over the nanoparticle production process.

Furthermore, NanoJET extruders offer analytical capabilities that correlate extrusion pressure, size, and composition, enabling users to optimize their processes for specific applications. Whether in academic research labs pushing the boundaries of drug delivery systems or in pharmaceutical companies striving for scalable and cost-effective production, NanoJET extruders deliver consistent results with unmatched efficiency. As a testament to their versatility and reliability, NanoJET extruders represent a cornerstone technology in the advancement of lipid and liposome-based therapies and materials, promising a future of groundbreaking innovations and discoveries in nanomedicine and beyond.

  1. No Assembly, No Cleaning, No Contamination: The extruder system is designed for ease of use, eliminating the need for assembly, cleaning, and reducing the risk of contamination. This feature saves time and ensures consistent results.
  2. Ready to Use, Scalable: The extruder system is ready for immediate use and can be scaled according to the user's needs. This scalability allows for flexibility in research or production environments.
  3. Fully Automated and Customizable: The system is fully automated, providing precise control over the extrusion process. Additionally, it can be customized to meet specific requirements, offering versatility in applications.
  4. Controlled Flow Rate and Speeds of Extrusion: Users can adjust the flow rate and extrusion speeds according to their experimental parameters. This level of control enables fine-tuning of the process for optimal results.
  5. Controlled Pore Size via Pre-assembled Cartridges: The extruder system allows for controlled pore size through pre-assembled cartridges. This feature enables precise control over the size of lipids, liposomes, or polymersomes produced.
  6. Controlled Number of Passes: Users can determine the number of passes through the extrusion system, providing further control over the size and characteristics of the nanoparticles being produced.
  7. Analytical Capabilities: The system offers analytical capabilities by correlating extrusion pressure, size, and composition. This capability allows for optimization of the extrusion process based on specific parameters and desired outcomes.

Overall, the NanoJET Lipid & Liposome Extruders offer a comprehensive solution for lipid and liposome extrusion, with features geared towards ease of use, precision, and customization.