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"At Apurun, we are on a mission to assemble a team of exceptional individuals who embody the core values of passion, drive, enthusiasm, with variety of experience. We believe that experience is the foundation on which greatness is built. We are seeking those who are fueled by a deep-seated passion for their craft, who approach challenges with unwavering drive, and who radiate enthusiasm for making a meaningful impact. Our ideal candidates bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and creative ideas to the table, drawing from their diverse backgrounds and accomplishments. Together, we will forge an inspiring and dynamic global work environment that fosters creativity, innovation, and continuous change for pivotal growths. If you are ready to embark on an exciting journey with a team that values excellence and collaboration, we invite you to join us in shaping a brighter future."

Nima_Tamaddoni_PhD - Founder & President

About the Founder

In the annals of Dr. Nima Tamaddoni's journey, the genesis of his illustrious career traces back to his graduate school days, where the seeds of innovation were sown deep within his ethos. It was here that his visionary spirit began to take shape, laying the groundwork for future endeavors that would redefine the boundaries of possibility. Fast forward to the present, and Dr. Tamaddoni stands as a titan in the field of nanomedicine, having orchestrated T&T Scientific's meteoric rise to a valuation surpassing $50 million in just five years. This remarkable achievement not only underscores his strategic prowess but also reflects a steadfast commitment to excellence that continues to drive his every endeavor.

At the helm of Apurun, Dr. Tamaddoni's ethos of integrity, sincerity, and practical learning serves as the bedrock upon which the company's culture is built. His unwavering dedication to innovation and ethical leadership has garnered widespread acclaim from investors, scientists, clients, and CDMOs alike, propelling Apurun to the forefront of the nanomedicine revolution. With values deeply rooted in ego dissolution, consciousness, and continual improvement, Dr. Tamaddoni inspires a team-driven ethos where passion and purpose converge to forge new pathways toward transformative impact. Join us in embracing Dr. Tamaddoni's visionary leadership at Apurun, where the journey towards a brighter, healthier future knows no bounds.

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